Гостиницы Чандигарха, Индия

‹Hotel Chandigarh Mountview
Телефон +91 172 67141
Факс +91 172 42111

Hotel Chandigarh Mountview

160010, Sector 10
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Hotel Чандигарх Mountview в Чандигарх, Индия расположена сектор 10 можно связаться по телефону 91172 или 67141 факс 91172 42111.

перевод осуществлён автоматически, поэтому возможны некоторые неточности


Hindi, Urdu, English

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Superb rooms in terms of size and lay out. The lobby is imposing. But somehow that zing is missing. Can't put a finger to it but something is amiss. The location is a huge plus as you have a quaint market right across the road with some wonderful eateries and there is wonderful park next door for your morning or evening walks.
2018-04-28 14:58:31
A place where one can enjoy the drinks and delicious food, calmly with light music. Beautiful ambience with modest pricing. It is very good place with trendy people. You can enjoy premium services here in this 5 star property of Chandigarh Government. It is bit expensive
2018-03-06 02:59:28
A quaint place in the center of town, near PGIMER. Quiet, functional and beautiful. The building and the rooms are a little old and show their wear... But that shouldn't deter one looking up this place. The place charges reasonable rates as well...
2018-04-27 19:34:44
Facilities of a Hotel, Restaurant, Conferences, Marriage Ceremony Halls are available at favourable rates. i myself visited here for my daughter's ring ceremony and i have no complaints. Excellent service and polite employees.
2018-04-19 12:44:16
Parking took forever. They have just one guy for valet parking and there were two weddings at the same time. So you can imagine the build up at the entrance. It was total chaos. The public bathrooms were very dirty. Food was alright. The rooms on the other hand were really good and at par with other top hotels in Chandigarh. Service was also good
2018-03-07 02:14:19

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